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If you’re considering becoming a game tester (US) summer, is that the best time to start out looking. Why, you ask? Gaming companies got to complete their QA (testing) phase in order that their games are ready for release at Christmas time. Christmas is doubtless the foremost profitable time of year for any Game Companies in Seattle. For this reason, there’ll be the foremost game testing jobs available around the summer period.

Gaming Industry Is immune to Economic Troubles.

Some people might question that the worldwide economy is in a downturn, and since of that, folks wouldn’t want to spend their money on video games – so fewer games would be made. It’s been shown that the Game Companies in Seattle is essentially immune to economic changes. In 2007 it had been shown that the gaming industry increased revenue by 46% as compared to the previous year. This is often presumably thanks to the very fact that games are generally inexpensive things to shop for.

Top Game Development Companies in Seattle

Big Fish GamesParticipant

Big Fish Games was founded in 2002, and it is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with the office in Oakland, California. It is a world-class publisher and creative developer of a range of common game franchise portfolios. It serves millions of fans daily and produces games connect, play, and compete on any device. It’s motivated by people making and playing games. It is their mission at Big Fish to improve life through excellent play.


DoubleBear ProductionsParticipant

DoubleBear Productions was established in 2009 by Brian Mitsoda and is an independent company. It is headquartered in Seattle. DoubleBear Productions was created by an experienced developer in the tree-stretched paradise of the larger Seatter region, which managed the company with an excellent directive. It makes fearsome and vicious indie games. DoubleBear launched its first title, Dead State, on PC in December 2014, after a useful Kickstart…

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