5 Major Risks In Outsourcing Software Development, And How To Avoid Them

The practice of outsourcing is widely discussed today; it’s utilized in many industries and branches of business. And if you recognize the time has come to start out or enhance business with mobile software, outsourcing could also be the foremost obvious choice in terms of quality and costs. But this choice must be deliberate; a bit like the other business, outsourcing bears inevitable risks, which may be ignored, prevented, delegated, or subdued (after an undesirable scenario occurs). Let’s outline five such scenarios and see the way to affect them.

1) you do not receive the software package .

There are often variety of reasons for not receiving the software package . While choosing a developer (hereby we mean not one software developer, but a development agency), search for the one who has experience in creating similar sorts of mobile/web software. Check the portfolio and obtain a consultation regarding the project. an honest developer will provide you with adequate communication and advice, tell you about the foremost common problems, faced during development of comparable software.

It is possible to spot the bulk of risks (including technical ones) before development, or at its start line . In cases of innovative, sophisticated, unique apps, the software developer can perform a technical investigation to ascertain whether your project is technically viable, supported by the present technologies.

2) The received software package isn’t what you wanted.

To avoid this scenario, you want to not only establish the communication with the software developers, but also carry it out more closely, share all of your ideas and therefore the vision of the merchandise . Any documentation that clarifies your ideas about the merchandise , is extremely useful – it’ll reduce the risks of getting not what you would like . What helps thereafter, is checking results and achievements on each iteration of development – that is what you’re bound to do anyway.

3) The received software package shows problems in use.

Software development process is followed by quality assurance (QA). That’s where your software package is tested in various ways on various devices. Some software owners involve external QA services additionally. That’s how these problems are often prevented. And if they show after the launch of the merchandise they’re handled by user feedback (make sure that users are ready to notify you about any problems and bugs) and support (for example, updates and server monitoring). Many software developers offer support services.

4) The software package is unpopular with users.

To be popular, a software package must have a transparent purpose and audience . It must be better than its competitors (that is why you ought to learn everything about the competitor software and see, during which way yours are going to be better). It must fully satisfy the users’ needs under certain conditions. It must solve defined problems efficiently. the aim and therefore the users of the merchandise should be defined beforehand.

Promotion strategy surely plays its huge part. you’ll build a free lite-version of the merchandise and see how it performs on the market, receive user feedback. If you gather a gaggle of individuals who wish a paid, full-fledged, functional version, you’re safe to travel for it. And once you create a very great software package you ought to take certain actions to form it known. And since it’s great, it becomes popular. If that’s an app for internal use, concentrate to proper implementation.

5) You spend more resources than needed.

Here everything depends on your approach and therefore the resources you’ve got . If you’re sure to not exceed some peculiar amount – that’s one approach. If you’re product-oriented and prepared to take a position additional resources just in case of need – that’s another one. The latter case usually concerns highly important projects. Anyway confirm to possess some spare resources if some complications are discovered along the way. the higher you think that over the project and its features before its development, the more you reduce the danger of additional costs. confine touch with the software developer, maintain control over the method , and be demanding not only towards the developer, but also towards yourself.

Offshore software development doesn’t bear more risks than the other business. And keeping in mind these risks and tips, you’ll be ready to effectively collaborate with the software developer you’ll have chosen by then, with maximum convenience for each side .

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